Monday, January 23, 2006

Sizing up the Survivors - Game Twists Impressions

Survivor: Panama is only 10 days away! Yippee! And we know the two main early twists thanks to the CBS website. They are:

- The Survivors start in 4 tribes of 4 people: Old Men, Old Women, Young Men, Young Women. I'm serious. In fairness nobody looks too old, but since the first challenges tend to be a running relay of some sort, the Old Men and Old Women could be in trouble. Even still, it's a fun twist on the opening which will hopefully not last over the full season.

- There is another island where each week somebody will be banished to. What causes this banishing, and what it proves, I have no idea. Rumors abound that there might be an immunity idol hidden on the island that the banishees could find. But that's not confirmed. I can't exactly pass judgement on this twist until we are actually told what the twist entails exactly.

The 4 tribe twist is pretty interesting, especially if they eventually merge into two tribes. You have essentially 4 built in alliances, and it's a matter of whether they can hold up or not. It's as though they took the one interesting idea from All-Stars and tried to see if they could make it better.


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