Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And the other shoe drops

Cory Koskie is no longer a Blue Jay.

What's most shocking is how much his stock has dropped, not only in the eyes of the Jays, but all of MLB. I don't get it. Koskie is a good defender, a good hitter and isn't making an huge sum of money ($5 million), and yet he gets traded for a bag of baseballs and the Jays are paying $7 million of his remaining contract. Was his injury last year that much of a concern?

From the Jays' perspective, it was a trade they had to make. They were going to be spending $15 for a player to DH and 2 players to ride the bench. With their reluctance to trade Shea Hillenbrand (even though he's the most valuable trade piece) and the seemingly negative trade value of Eric Hinske, Koskie was most likely to go. It was also nice of them to trade Koskie so he could play third daily. And the Brewers did a good job on improving themselves relatively cheaply.

Me? I'm happy because I have a bet on the Brewers to win the World Series in 2006 (60-1 odds; if I knew the Jays were going to go this nuts in the offseason, I would have put a 50-1 wager on them).


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