Sunday, May 15, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Finale Live Blog

Funny, just 15 minutes ago I wasn't sure I was doing this...

- Ashley has made a habit of being strong in challenges?
- Grant is the last person at Redemption Island. YAY!
- Hinting Philip is acting the beginning of the show...hmmm...

- I still don't get how Grant is a-ok with being blindsided by this alliance.
- Andrea understands that she's in trouble at Redemption Island
- Why does Andrea still have to sleep on the ground when Grant gets in the shelter?
- Rob claims to have a huge heart in there. He also acknowledges he is the only threat left.
- And now it's Rob vs. Ashley, unless Grant comes back.
- Matt finding his serenity might be an indication he's going back.
- Mike hoping for pizza is awesome.
- I have to imagine the relief of Redemption Island being over is fantastic.
- Thanking god for Redemption Island Matt?
- The tribe is also there because the tribe has shown up for all duels after the first return Jeff.
- You know what would have been cool for the final immunity challenge? This Redemption Island duel. Balancing a vase on a tetter totter using one foot? Awesome.
- 40 minutes? Wow.
- Wow Grant's out first. Good for Boston Rob.
- (Is this what the season has come to? Analyzing things through the eyes of Boston Rob?)
- Matt out. Wow.
- Hey, remember when Andrea was talking about being an underdog? She is so winning.
- Stretching your leg muscles does not look strong.
- Funny, Jeff mentions pay attention to what you were doing, then Mike loses focus and his vase drops.
- Hell of a comeback for Andrea.
- All girl alliance?
- Grant has also found his zen.
- Matt is honestly a very likeable person. Too bad he had to spend a lot of time on Redemption Island.
- Mike "Today's outcome wasn't what I wanted" Really?
- All girl alliance.
- Rob hs to be thrilled about this outcome. Will people really vote for Andrea over Rob?

- Commercial alert: Kevin James is Dr. Dolittle, only not under that name. I mean, do you not rememberDr. Dolittle coming out in the last 15 years?

- Congratulating them again?
- Today's word is "Awkward".
- All girl puppet alliance.
- Andrea is playing this awesome. Making up stories about how people will vote for Phillip to win?
- Uh-oh, Rob has his mind set on Ashley. Remember Heroes vs. Villains and Russell, Rob.
- Holy crap that's going to be a difficult yet easy task. Balance beam, then arranging tiles from 1 to 100?
- Oh, that's not as difficult. Go on balance beam, bring tiles, arrange those tiles. Repeat with other bags.
- So Phillip and Natalie aren't that good at challenges.
- Oh criminy, they were teasing another Ashley win in the intro.
- Ashley has to win, right?
- Yes, yes she does.
- So this is how Ashley wins - the Fabio plan of winning a few immunity challenges at the end.

- Let the scramble begin!
- Another s
- Uh-oh. Rob is way to confident about not being voted out.
- And now the puppets talk. Didn't Rob
- Natalie promises that she won't vote Ashley out next. Um, yeah.
- "And now she's listening to my entire conversation." Awesome secret agenting there Phillip.
- What in the sweet blue fuck is going on?
- Wait, they're going to vote for Rob now Andrea? Need consistency in your story Andrea.
- Then again, you're telling Ashley and Natalie, so they probably doesn't figure it out.
- "I like to gamble. God I'm sick. I'm so sick." It's called Gamblers Anonymous Rob.
- (Also, he's using the idol.)
- Holy crap Grant shaved and cut his hair. Must have used the Ponderosa Spa.
- "Obviously you have forgotten my title. The Undercover Specialist." FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD, LET THIS MAN MAKE FINAL TRIBAL.
- And then Rob casually mentions that he had Phillip look out for
- Hey, Jeff is actually pushing the all girl alliance that
- Andrea's "this jury is an intelligent jury" line is fantastic for it's knee sucking.
- And then Natalie shocks Rob by saying he is a threat.
- Rob gets to poke the "Andrea will win this as well" button.
- Way to ensure the idol will be played, Natalie.
- Grant's eyes lit up when he played the idol.
- So he didn't need to play the idol after all. Too bad you didn't get to keep your Silver Strike, but the $10 is worth it.
- I think this vote sealed it for Rob if he makes Final Tribal. I'd like to take my prediction back.

- In other news, my PVR is almost caught up to the live feed, so no more fast forwarding through commercials for me.

- Um, Stealth R Us didn't do what they wanted Phillip. Grant isn't there.
- Ashley thinks Andrea threw Natalie and Ashley under the bus and that Andrea being gone is a sign that Ashley made bigger moves? Come on.
- Jeff showing passion in this speech. An early contender for "The Thing that Made Jeff Probst's announcing side too happy," award.
- The flag thing indicating you have already hit that spot is not fair.
- Though I guess it tells Jeff what is going on.
- Ashley dropping her bag is kinda odd.
- I bet Rob kicks the bag if he sees it.
- "Natalie being a good sport and still playing along." Awesome Jeff.
- Rob trying to trick Ashley into "working together"
- My god Rob comes through in the clutch!
- And then he breaks down. Call the Wah-bulance!
- Jeff previews the biggest hurdle for Rob - this is his 4th time playing. Why does he deserve it this time?
- Rob is now okay with not winning? I guess he understands that the jury vote isn't completely in his hands.

- Let the scrambling begin!
- So what happens if it's a tie at final four? Fire challenge? Will it beat the epic Sondra/Becky fire challenge?
- Hey, playing up Ashley and Natalie's connection is good.
- Ashley got close to the Zapatera people? When did we see this?
- "I have to convince Natalie" "It's Ashley." Way to go.
- Here's a thought, propose a two/two split and say that they have to compete to be in.
- Natalie is a terrible actor.
- "I'd rather lose this game than lsoe a friend in Ashley." That's why 19 year olds should not play Survivor.
- Phillip's "And Rob should be worried about me beating him because I won how man challenges? Oh yeah, none!" was pitch perfect.
- Ashley basically dared Natalie and Phillip to vote her out. What a stupid thing to do. Don't say you have a better chance to win over the other two people voting for you.
- Did Ashley pick up on the horrible Natalie acting and realize she was going?
- Well, Ashley just said she didn't know she was going, which means she's very unaware.

- Wait, I just realized we didn't have Fallen Comrades yet.
- Phillip is saying in confessional that his great great grandfather coming to him in a vision is an actual thing?
- Phillp's jury plan of "pouring salt in the wound" is terrible.
- "This is the hardest thing that I've ever had to do in my life. I'm 19" 'Nuff said.
- Yay blurring!
- Boston Rob's opposite pointers are fantastic.
- Phillip is burning his briefs!

Jury time!

Natalie' opening statement:
- Wanted to play well
- My social skills were my key, choosing
- God this is painful. Way too scattershot.

Phillip's opening statement:
- I had to change my strategy as soon as Rob showed up.
- I don't know what to say to this beyond AWESOME!

Rob's opening statement:
- Rob might as well have a power point presentation
- Here's what I did, but it doesn't matter. It only matters what you think. I played 4 times, but it doesn't define me. My family is most important and I want to bring something home to them.

- So, who asks the "are you donating to charity?" question?

Andrea up first for questions:
Phillip - "You are weird" "We've seen a lot of different Phillips. Who is the real one?"
"I was on the outside of the tribe, that's why you don't me." "So you aren't answering?" "I'm Phillip Sheppard."
Natalie - "borderline creepy relationship with Rob" "Why did you betray your friend?" "Rob's so great" yada yada. "Rode coattails" "rob's so great" yada yada.

NATALIE Apologizes for being creepy?

Ashley starts with lecturing Phillip, and Phillip tries to interrupt and it goes on and on.
Ashley asks Natalie why she didn't share Ashley was going, and Natalie says it was a back and forth and wasn't set. Ashely is disappointed.
Ashley put Rob on a pedastal and doesn't think she knows who he is and after tonight doesn't know if she wants to see him again. Rob shrugs.

Grant up.
Natalie what was the Natalie/Rob alliance dynamic like.
Same question for Rob. Natalie came up to me and asked me what to do. I valued our relationship until you were going to kick to my ass.

Natalie, you can't do nothing without looking at Rob. And then Natalie looks at Rob.
Ralph points out that Natalie never got to know him, and Natalie says it was for her place in the tribe.
Why does Phillip not have more feathers? Because he only put them in when he found them. Does Phillip like Ralph? Phillip thought he worked hard and was funny and if they were in the same tribe initially they would have gotten along fine.

Matt to Rob - clearly you are duplicitous and a liar. Where is the line drawn? "When I get back home" I feel it's necessary to play the game like this. I had alliances with everybody in Omatepe but

Julie starts with the fucking lectures because the people there did not play the game with honour. SAYS THE FUCKING PERSON WHO THREW A CHALLENGE! Glass houses, ye who have no sin, etc. etc. Quick summary:
- Natalie, would your parents be proud of how you played the game? Because if you were my daughter the answer would be no.
- Phillip would your son be proud of how you played?
- Rob, teach your daughters to be strong women, not how you treated Natalie.

- Did you learn anything about yourself out here?
- Rob needs to take care of his family and stop playing games.
- Natalie learned how to support yourself
- Phillip knew he was an outcast, and could bring his knowledge from the outside world to here and be a beacon for the Sheppard family.

- Congratulations Rob and Natalie on surviving the elements
- Natalie congrats on being 19 and surviving.
- Rob, you lasted 117 days, I broke at 31.
- Phillip I'm sorry for you. I think you're pretty shameful.
(Guess Steve isn't voting for Phillip.)

- I'm going to talk to the jury. Basically telling them to vote for Rob since he played the best strategic game ever. Very good final arguments councillor. (Though it might work against him.)

Voting time.
- David would have rather played the game with Rob? Um.
- Ralph votes for Phillip and spells Phil wrong. Awesome and fitting. Also, Andrea was right!
- Bring on the jet ski!
- BOOO! No jet ski!
- First thing I noticed - Ashley is a brunette. That and Phillip's fine suit.
- Thanks for dressing up Rob.
- Ashley breaks the "looks better while playing Survivor" rule in half.
(Rob looks very confident right now)
(It's OVAH!)

- Hey, they all snuck in the old players.
- Russell among the first to congratulate Rob.

- The Superman bit was awesome.
- Hey, Jeff changed.
- Rob knew in the beginning if he could make these people play with me, he stood a chance.
- Kristina's looking for the idol was a key moment, and it really was.
- Loyalty was most key for Rob. Adn that's why Natalie was the key.

- Wait, Natalie and Ashley knew Rob had an idol? That would have been a nice piece of information to have.
- Andrea's take away is that you have to check in with everybody always.

- Rob knew that if he showed Phillip love, he would be loyal. Based on his life story.

The Grant/Rob exchange probably deserves it's own blog post, but it does highlight one of the key things all future players of Survivor need to realize - if somebody votes you out, it's not a personal thing unless they tell you it is personal.

- Thing I just realized. Why didn't they have Russell and Rob pick their tribe schoolyard style?

- Matt really didn't win 10 out of 11 duels. He survived 10 out of 11 duels.
- The Jeff Probst trying to figure out showmances segment is never not awkward.

- Nice transition from "our troops are great" to "any regrets about that last challenge?"

- Russell Hantz would appreciate it if you would stop showing him cry.
- A bit of humbleness from Russell in congratulating Rob.
- And then he goes off on his tribe and brings back the old Russell. Russell is still scarred by his tribe throwing that challenge.
- Jeff calls Russell "Phillip"
- That was an amazing back and forth between Jeff and Russell to leave open the opportunity of Russell retuning.

- Jeff Probst learns that trying to control Phillip Sheppard on live TV is a losing proposition.
- Phillip says calling Steve a racist a mistake. Thank goodness. Now maybe Steve can apologize for the stuff he said at final tribal?
- And it's official, Phillip is a former federal agent.

- 40 to 36 is close?
- Rob wins Viewer's Choice? I'm shocked.
- David is dating a Survivor who I don't remember. And then he and Jeff Probst set up a marriage proposal to said Survivor woman. And there's a curse word.

_Redemption Island is back...and so is the two returning players twist! They're in the South Pacific. Um, interesting.

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