Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Episode 13 Power Rankings

One of the things is not like the others

8. Andrea (9)

I feel bad for Andrea in that she has to compete with three of the top four challenge players in the game for a shot at coming back. I mean, no pressure or anything.

Also, her talking (then crying) about being betrayed as especially awkward when Matt was right there. You would have thought that she'd have more self-awareness, but that was for naught.

Hope you have a streak in you...

7. Matt (7)
6. Mike (6)
5. Grant (2)

The one thing I would wager a lot of money on - the winner of Redemption Island will be voted out the first time they do not have immunity.

Let's Go Crazy

4. Philip (5)

He is so far over cover that he's undercover. In a sense, he's running a similiar plan to Russell in terms of keeping people off balance with his antics. The main difference is that Russell was also trying to continually advance his game. Philip ssems to think the game is done until final tribal now. I would not assume that at final 4+1 means there's no change to the plan. That's a sure way to end up getting out manuevered and to get put through to the jury.

understands she's in a poor position now, but isn't doing enough to help herself

3. Ashley (4)

Ashley figured out she's trouble in the eyes of Boston Rob which could be an issue. But she hasn't tried anything to knock off the king of the island, and it's probably too late to do it. At this point, people are convinced that they are going to the end with Rob, and there's no real benefit to jumping ship this far away.

Your new power couple

2. Rob(1)
1. Natalie (3)

Those with acute memory will recall that Rob has been number one on these power rankings for a long time. Today is the first time Rob isn't number one, and that's because of the uncertainty of the jury and the reactions of some of his former alliance mates.

I came away fro this weeks' episode with an uneasy feeling that Rob wasn`t taking the blindsides that serious but instead was just assuming that nobody would hold him responsible for voting him out. That was very much a projection of how Rob would look at it. What makes it exceptionally funny is that this is what happened in All-Stars. The difference this time is that Rob isn't marrying Natalie (as far as we know.)

And thus, that's why Natalie is ranked number one. We know that she is going to the final three. We assume that she hasn't done anything truly offensive towards the jury, and that they all think she's a sweet girl. If we also assume Rob makes the final three with Natalie, she's going to come out as the best spot to make the protest vote.

No matter which way things turn out, Sunday is going to be an interesting two hours.

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