Thursday, November 18, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 10 Thoughts

Some quick thoughts:

  • Chase might be the stupidest player to ever get this far in Survivor. He acknowledges that Brenda is a major threat who is running the game, watches her turn on a group of players who seemed to be her alliance, is told by his trusted friend Jane that Brenda is trouble and STILL refuses to get rid of her. Huh?

  • Speaking of Huh?, does NaOnka understand that immediately pulling somebody aside (who you've flipped off at tribal council nonetheless) after they ask a strategy question might be construed as suspicious? I guess it's too much to ask of NaOnka to have a general understanding of societal norms, but still, really?

  • The person who has to be laughing the most about Brenda's outster is Sash. Having his biggest threat eliminated for him without having to get any blood on his hands is a win-win. It also lets him try to expand into a different alliance (Benry/Fabio?) while still having the protection of the immunity idol.

  • Brenda's attempt to out NaOnka as having another idol was kinda weak. It was a situation where she was getting revenge on NaOnka, and if NaOnka managed to be voted out, she got to show how smart she was. A recurring theme for her.

  • And really, Brenda did absolutely nothing to stop being voted out. I think that she thought she was absolutely safe, whethe that be because she thought that she had the votes lined up in her favour, or if it was because she thought that her knowing that she was targetted was going to be a deterrent. Either way, she went out with an absolute whimper, which probably dooms her to not being a part of any future Survivor season. At least Marty tried until the bitter end. Brenda gave up.

  • Did Brenda think of trying to get the immunity idol from Sash? It would have let them blindside the person of their choice.

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