Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Manic May: A look back

I started Manic May because I was frustrated. The theory was by forcing myself to write, I'd get over the frustration, and would also improve my writing. Naturally, things didn't quite work out as planned.

I did do a lot of writing over the month. Granted, a lot of it was about Survivor, but that was a happy coincidence. (BTW, shout out to Mark Burnett and crew for making a great season of Survivor and for having the finale in May.) At the same time, I really didn't feel I completed what I wanted to. My long form writing was pretty well non-existant, beyond the odd Survivor post, which went against what I wanted to accomplish. My writer's block exaserbated the issue. All in all, I feel as though I have a lot of room to grow with my longer form writing.

What I was impressed with was my ability to come up with content on a daily basis. Though I ended up quitting on May 30th, I could have produced something if I chose to (for example, a roundup of UFC 114.) The reason I didn't was because I felt it was going to be a completely subpar job, and it would be reflective in my writing. With that said, I still have many different movies/books/whatever to review, so I am not lacking in content ideas.

I must also commend Blogger for it's post-dated posting method. Being able to write posts and then save them for a particular day was ideal for my predicament. Writing stuff out days in advance was fantastic for ensuring I had content on a daily basis. It made the challenge a lot easier knowing that I could stock up on posts, and I'm confident I will be using it again. (For example, this post.)

So where do I go from here? I'm planning on getting into a regular schedule with posts - Monday Musings continues, and from there, I'm not entirely sure. The weekend will likely have a longer post. During the rest of the week, a minimum of one post of indeterminante lengh, if not two.

Manic May might not have been a complete success, but it has given me some motivation. It's now up to me to take the motivaion and do something productive with it.

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