Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Musings - April 12, 2010

Trying something new here - a weekly post were I post things that I didn't really think warranted a full blog post but still wanted to get out there for your perusal. The added bonus is that this will be in list form, and we all know that this is the MONEY~! format of blogging.

Er, let's begin.

  • What I didn't cover in my post about Anderson Silva was my predictions and theoretical wagering. I managed to go an amazing 4 out of 10 with my picks and lose $19 with my theoretical wagering (though the way the fights I lost on went, I probably deserved to lose a heck of a lot more). JayRo the Greek I am not.

  • I feel really sorry for Frankie Edgar. He beat BJ Penn in a fight that not too many people gave him any shot at winning, and nobody is talking about this at all because of the Anderson Silva fiasco. It's too bad because Edgar's strategy was pretty sound - outlast Penn for the first couple of rounds and then beat him in the last three rounds. Hats off to Frankie Edgar.

  • A quick review of some blogs that I've added to my blogroll on the side:

    • Toronto Sun Cover Reviews - Comedian Michael Balazo sees the humour in the front page of the Toronto Sun and gives us his critiques daily. Go to his Twitter page for one of the better front pages in unintentional comedy.

    • Michael Buble Being Stalked by a Velociraptor - When Michael Buble is attacked by a velociraptor this website will tell the tale as to how it occurred.

    • The Comics Curmudgeon - Your daily comic strips being snarked at

    • metricjulie - Julie Veilleux writes about the Habs, MMA and whatever else ends up tickling her fancy. The results are great and enjoyable writing.

  • I'm not exactly sure this is a good idea: Win a poker tournament, win a date with Tiffany Michelle

  • Joel Keller asks the question I've been wondering as well - Why are so many creeps drawn to Erin Andrews?

  • Oddest twitter account I found this week? Ace, the official feed for the Toronto Blue Jays' mascot.

  • And finally, your picture of the week, as tweeted by the Prime Minister of Canada's twitter feed, are the two most polarizing figures to come out of Alberta, hanging out at the PM's residence.

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