Friday, February 16, 2007

Survivor: Fiji Episode 2 Thoughts

You know, it's bad enough that Ravu has to endure the living conditions that they do. But those conditions aren't going to get better unless they start winning challenges. And with their choices on bootees, I'm wondering if they even care about winning challenges.

Choosing to get rid of Erica over Sylvia this week was another blindingly stupid move. Erica has enough strength to help around camp and win challenges. Sylvia has none of these qualities. She in theory is smart enough to help solve puzzles during challenges, but it didn't help this week. And the consensus is that Sylvia is more annoying than Erica around camp. So why are you voting out Erica? Out of some short-sighted decision to punish her for your loss? Because she's "a threat"? (Nevermind that you are 6 days into the game, and individual threats aren't worrysome until at least day 21. I guess if you are destined to not make the merge, you have to get your scheming and gameplay in somehow.)

Yau-Man once again served to be the entertainment for the show, with his hug/search of Sylvia. Next week, he will search for the rat that voted against Lex in Survivor: Africa.

I don't have too much to add about Moto, other than Boo's luck with injuries was kinda amusing. It's a rare person that combines that much bad luck with a lack of common sense.

Who's going this week? I'll stick with Sylvia. She is an outsider and somebody will have to take the fall for this failure. Too bad it will be her.

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