Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Musings - June 1, 2010

  • The events that unfolded at the Ladies Event of this year's WSOP have been talked to death already. I tend to come down on the side of those who think it was terrible for the men to enter. If you wish to tear down the event and have it not exist, try petitioning Harrah's directly. Don't mock the women who are trying to enjoy themselves and did not sign up to be a part of some sort of political movement to stop poker playing men from being opressed.

    But I have a special douchebag award for Shaun Deeb. Initially, Deeb claimed that he entered the tournament while dressed in drag because he lost a prop bet. Then, after he busted and took some abuse for his making a mockery of the event, he claimed he was doing it to protest the event. Perhaps there was a miscommunication and Deeb made it clear he was protesting. If so, this interview with him, published 3 days prior to the ladies' event is interesting...
    Snoopy: What would you like to see change in the World Series?

    SD: There’s a lot of problems with the buy-ins. They’re too polarised. They have really small buy-ins and huge fields for the public, then the really high buy-ins for the high roller pros. There’s got to be a middle ground, because there are so many financial stages of poker player. Who cares if you only get 600 people for a $5,000? Do a lot more of them. Yes, $1,000 events are successful, but don’t have six of them every weekend. A $5,000 would do really good on a Saturday, but now it has to be on a Wednesday. They’re just focused on getting these really big fields, but it kind of hurts a lot of the professionals. Who are they really going after? I think they need more of a balance.

    Personally, I’ll be playing various buy-ins, including the $10,000 events. I think I fit into the category of any tournament and have an edge in almost all fields in all games, so I’ll take a shot whenever I can. I will play a lot of the mixed games this year for sure.

    You'd think if he was that concerned about the Ladies' event, he would have suggested that as an improvement when asked.

    Let's be honest here: Shaun Deeb thought he was being funny when he entered the Ladies' event in drag. He thought it might get him some extra attention. When he got busted for the stupidity of what he did, he tried to deflect criticism from himself to the political statements that were being made by other people. Instead of accomplishing that, his actions just revealed him to be a bigger douchebag than when he was the guy who thought it would be funny to mock the ladies' event. Now he's the guy who can't own up to his own actions.

  • Free suggestion: If the Smithsonian doesn't want that Frank Sinatra memorabilia, why not put it in a Las Vegas casino? One of the highlights of Encore is Sinatra restaurant and the various pieces of memorabilia outside of the restaurant. Get the people who did the amazing We Want Miles exhibit in Montreal involved and you could have a winner of an attraction.

  • Not that anybody is really interested in McCarran International's construction update, but I link to it as it is the goofiest "official" update I have seen. It is complete with bad jokes and a cartoon character by the name of "Dusty Mac".

  • Aside to Boyd: You weren't the only one who's expecting to get hit by a bus at a young age

  • In a twist of fate, Darth Vader is rebelling against the Empire.

  • In case you didn't get the memo the first time: Don't post pictures of a felony you allegedly committed on your Facebook page.

  • And finally...the BP Oil Spill reinated by cats.

    (h/t: David McKee)

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