Monday, January 07, 2008

And when did you rape your wife, sir?

Roger Clemens has taken an agressive stance in defending himself against allegations that he took steroids. He has denied using steroids continually, and has even gone so far as to file a deflamation lawsuit against his accuser.

This is in stark contrast to Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro, and also more than Barry Bonds has done. All of these players were crucified for not defending themselves further (with Bonds being pointed out for not filing lawsuits against his accuser). Well, if this Gene Wojciechowski column indicates anything, Clemens might has well has done nothing.

Gene breaks down Clemens' arguments and then presents "reality", which includes this logic:

Why, when McNamee repeatedly asked, "Roger, what do you want me to do?" didn't Clemens tell his former trainer to appear at the Monday news conference? After all, McNamee offered several times to fly to the Houston area to meet with Clemens.

Followed up by this:

Uh, Roger, why would anyone who supplied you with illegal drugs want to be subjected to possible criminal prosecution?

So, it's okay for Roger Clemens to put himsel in position to be facing witness tampering charges, but it's not okay for his suppliers to come forward to possibly face prosecution? Yeah, I don't get it.

Ultimately, I don't care if Clemens is telling the truth or not. But the media is blindly accepting that everybody accused of taking steroids is actually guilty of it, and no actions that the player can take will prove otherwise. And that's just unfair.

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