Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The International Crisis Facing Us All

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.

First, she must be congratulated, as she has the rare chance of being a celebrity who is a MILF at the same time she is jailbait.

But for those of us who were wondering exactly how to cope with this tragic news, we need not worry. CNN has things covered with their article How do you talk to kids about Britney's sister?.

I think one thing is missing from the article though: I wouldn't be talking about Britney's sister, I'd be talking about Jamie Lynn Spears, star of Zoey 101. Look, if my child only knows Jamie Lynn Spears for being Britney's sister, I'm guessing I don't need to worry about them saying "Well, if Britney's sister can have unprotected sex at age 16 and she's famous, why can't I?" But if my child knows that Zoey is pregnant, I might need to have a discussion with them.

I do feel sorry for Jamie Lynn because this is getting much more attention because this is Britney's sister who is pregnant. If her last name was Jones instead of Spears, it won't spark a front page discussion on about how to talk to your kids about this, or a discussion on variances in statuatory rape laws from state to state.

CNN also brings the obvious, with their "analysis" that Spears' pregnancy may harm her career. You think being a 17 year old who's career has been based on being a clean-cut kid who stars in a family friendly TV show might be harmed by a teen pregnancy?

A couple of other random thoughts about things related to this:

- Lynne Spears had a parenting book coming out? And this was before the Jamie Lynn news? I don't know if that amuses me as much as the fact that the publisher's spokesman did not give a reason for the book being postponed indefinitely. Reading between the lines has never been this easy.
- My thoughts also go out to Scott Feschuk, who is currently on holiday hiatus. I'm hopeful that his head doesn't explode from all of the jokes that his brain has come up with.

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