Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I blame Boyd

The Stanley Cup finals are complete, and the Carolina Hurricanes (nee Hartford Whalers) have won. It's funny, because after game 6 it seemed as though they didn't care about winning. And yet, for most of game 7 it was the Oilers who looked like they just wanted to get out of Carolina, with or without the Cup.

There's not too much to say about the game. I could lay on the platitudes about how Edmonton battled back continually in the playoffs, how they shouldn't have even made it to 7 games without Dwayne Roloson and what a great accomplishment it was for them just to make it to the finals. But those are empty compliments right now, an attempt to make Oiler fans feel better about what they watched in game 7. And I'm pretty sure the Edmonton fans don't want to hear them right now.

(About the title: My pal Boyd found a pattern during the finals. Whenever he hung his Edmonton Oiler flag from his car, the Oilers lost. Whenever he didn't, they would win. I'll let you guess where the flag was during game 7.)


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