Tuesday, June 07, 2011

JayRo Watches: The Green Hornet

I went into watching the Green Hornet with much trepidation. Most everything I heard about it was horrible, with reviews shitting all over it. To my surprise, I did not mind it.

I should be clear - this is not a fantastic film that people should hunt down immediately. The action was pretty pedestrian, the development of the Britt Reid character was forced, and the swerve of the big baddie at the end was pretty obvious. But this was balanced with Seth Rogan's performance of a bumbling super hero pretending to be a villain, along with the general greatness of the Kato character.

The plot of the Green Hornet is pretty straight forward - father dies, son turns to crime fighting then avenges father's death. The twist is that the Green Hornet pretends to be a villain to get closer to the actual villains. Along the way there are twists and turns, but the feel of the movie is very familiar.

In all, this is a mediocre film which you will end up sitting down and watching one day when it is on television. And after it is done you will wonder where your time went. It won't move you to buy a DVD, nor will it encourage you to want to see a second Green Hornet film, but you won't feel as though you have been ripped off on your time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the movie was actually good. There was some great action and if they do ever make a second green hornet movie im sure a lot of people will go see it...

1:41 AM  

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