Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JayRo Watches: Kick Ass

Kick Ass is almost the perfect popcorn movie. You go in, essentially shut off your brain, and enjoy yourself. Yet, there's something distracting while you're watching the movie, especially the climax. That's what happens when you are watching an 11-year old girl get beaten up by a middle age man.

This is the dichotomy of the movie - if you can get past the 11-year old girl - who is admittedly the most threatening fighter in the movie - getting beat up, you'll have no problem with Kick Ass, and you will enjoy it. Otherwise, you might want to take pause; the movie has its merits (especially with the evolution of Kick Ass as a crime fighter), but Hit Girl might end up distracting you from the film and stopping your enjoyment.

(In a related note, if Roger Ebert had just stayed on this line of thought, I would have had no qualms about his review. Instead, he went down the "won't you think about the children" route and the "controversy" ensued.)

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