Monday, October 05, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Thus Far (Episodes 1-3)

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen the future, and his name is Russell. After 3 episodes and 4 people leaving, I am ready to just give him the $1 million and end the series. As he said on tonight's episode "I'm the only one in my tribe playing the game." Little does he know that he's the only person playing the game period.

In fairness to Galu, they really don't have to play the game right now; they are a tribe that is winning, so they haven't had to consider voting somebody out. If they should lose, they have their target lined up - Shambo. So why do they need to play the game? In Shambo's case, it's because she's going to get voted out. Unfortunately for her, nobody else has the same impetuts to do anything.

Really, this is extremely similar to Survivor Palau, with Koror dominating Ulong up to the merge, only losing 1 player. The main difference is that there is no dominant player like Tom on Galu, while there was nobody like Russell on Ulong.

Maybe a better comparison is with Survivor Thailand. Russell has the potential to be an even better player than Brian Heidik. Brian used the same strategy as Richard Hatch, only he enhanced it by winning individual immunity repeatedly. Russell is playing the game completely differently, to the point that future contestants need to consider how he's playing.

(As an aside, I kinda see a bit of Evil Dick in Russell as well. Russell definitely has the singleminded desire to win that Dick had, and he has the thought process that anybody who crosses himmust pay. Where they differ is that Russell is able to recognize when it would probably be better to step back, and when his desires might not align with what is going to further him in the game.)

What to say about anybody else? Nothing, really. I'm glad Ben has been voted out, because he's an attention seeking jackass.

Who goes next week? I predict Foa Foa gets their "big win" which gives them momentum for at least one challenge, and Shambo goes (with a tease of Other Russell getting voted out.) It just seems right for Foa Foa to get their big win.

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