Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Montreal Canadiens are curious about...stuff

So, Les Habitants sent me (via Ipsos) a survey to take. I'm assuming it's because I purchased tickets from them directly at one point.

The survey was pretty general, asking for demographic information before getting into the meat of the matter. Among the information they were interested in:

  • How many games did you watch on television this past year?

  • How do you get "general" information? How do you get Canadiens specific information? (3 choices for this; the choices were the major Montreal newspapers, major sports websites, Montreal television stations and Montreal radio stations.)

  • How much do you use the internet?

  • How many other events have you attened at the Bell Centre in the last year?

  • Have you ever bought tickets from scalpers? If so, how much did you pay as compared to the face value of the tickets? How satisfied were you with your scalper experience?

  • How many ounces of spirits do you drink in a week?

  • How many glasses of wine do you drink in a week?

The last three bulletpoints were the monst interesting. They seem to be interested in knowing how many people have gone to scalpers, and if there's anything to be worried about from them (instead of immediately assuming that scalpers/ticket agents are bad.) And they are curious about the finer drinking habits of their fans. There's no reference of beer at all, unless they are considering beer to be a part of spirits.

There's probably nothing major coming out of this, but it's interesting to see the questions asked.

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