Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey there's a tree!

This column contains all the navel gazing you would expect from a newspaper writer, writing about the newspaper industry's imminent collapse. It also contains the most mindnumbingly stupid section I have read in a long time:

Which leads us back to my preferred solution: You. Stop blaming the people who run your local daily, or their bosses at head office, for the loss of your favourite old comic. Trust me, it ain't their fault. They are working like fiends to give you the best newspaper possible, under difficult circumstances.

Then, if you want a healthy daily paper in your town, subscribe. Steel your resolve, pick up your credit card and pony up. Check out Sun Media's e-editions, which are first rate and allow for a small monthly subscription fee.

Boiled down: "Don't blame us for the decisions we made. And pay us to correct our mistakes." I understand that this new fandangled Internet is ruining newspapers, but to tell paying customers to stop complaining and pay you more money to have things fixed (ie "old comics" disappearing from the print edition of the newspaper) is backwards and insane all at once.

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