Thursday, April 10, 2008

Live Blog: Canadiens vs. Bruins Game 1

7:11 pm - I haven't even gotten the first post done and Sergei Kostitsyn scores 34 seconds in. Great hustle to break for the net as soon as he saw the shot get set up.

7:14 pm - Andrei doesn't want to be shown up by his brother, and thus he gets the Habs second goal. What a pass by Plekanec. Unbelievable.

7:17 pm - If you want to see a professional writer with a live blog, hit this link for Mike Boone's take on the game.

7:18 pm - Earlier call of a game being over: the fans in the Bell Centre or Billy Packer in the UCLA/Kansas game?

7:20 pm - First power play of the game goes to Montreal. This is going to be a key point of the game.

7:22 pm - Boston kills off the penalty. We'll see if this swings some momentum their way.

7:25 pm - And there it is. Deflection by Hnidy, and Price doesn't close his 5 hole to make the game 2-1.

7:29 pm - Boston has some more jump here, which the Canadiens need to stop quickly. Montreal has been more physical though, which is a bit surprising, but good to see.

7:33 pm - Something I wanted to mention before I forget: Greg Millen is a much better analyst than Harry Neale.

7:36 pm - Holy crap. Thank goodness for Mike Komisarek and his love of hitting people. But the Canadiens are getting very jittery in their own end, which does not bode well.

7:38 pm - A delay of game penalty for Markov is not good.

7:42 pm - Canadiens kill a penalty, and then we get offsetting minors (what penalty are they calling on Komisarek?)

7:46 pm - Period over, and I liked the first 10 minutes more than the last 10. All in all, I can't complain about a lead, but I'm not as calm as I was after the second goal. Boston isn't going to go away.

8:07 pm - Second period has started, and Montreal seems to be employing the Pittsburgh penalty kill strategy (if the puck is in your opponents end the entire time, they can't score on you). Price has looked better on the shots he has seen this period.

8:09 pm - Hey, Andrei! Could you angle the opposing players away from your goalie?

8:11 pm - Alex Kovalev almost loses the puck at the blueline, but instead does a spinarama pass right onto Plekanec's stick for an awesome chance. Kovalev is amazing.

8:13 pm - Smolinski!!!!!! Thomas has been giving up a lot of rebounds, and that's the difference in this game.

8:16 pm - Chara is so hurt he can't shoot a good slapshot. Not a good sign for the Bruins.

8:17 pm - Kovalev missed a gimme there. And Plekanec is hurt. Uh-oh.

8:18 pm - Phew. Plekanec is on the bench looking only angry.

8:22 pm - Hamrlik, or HAMMER-lik?

8:24 pm - Ryder gets the penalty for...something. I didn't see it at first blush, but I'm sure we'll get to see the replay.

8:25 pm - Ah, there it is. A good call by the ref.

8:35 pm - It's sad when you can give Chara space and basically bait him into taking a weak shot.

8:36 pm - Bad stoppage by the ref cost the Canadiens another scoring chance.

8:38 pm - The refs have put their whistle in their pocket. And Smolinski picked off a pass but gave the puck right back to Boston.

8:58 pm - Goin into the third, I like the play from the Canadiens in the second. Price is much more calm, and the Canadiens are only giving up a chance every 3 minutes or so. If they keep this up, they will win.

9:10 pm - Another power play for the Canadiens, and another successful penalty kill for the Bruins. One one hand, it's bad because the Canadiens' PP is so good. On the other hand, the Canadiens have been really good at even strength, which is much more important for winning the game.

9:13 pm - Tom the Bomb! My super sleeper pick (which I didn't actually make) for the playoff pool I'm in with the goal!

9:20 pm - Oh for crying out loud. The fans are ding the wave.

9:34 pm - Game over, a win for the Habs. If this is how they are going to play for the rest of the series, it's going to be a very short series.

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