Monday, July 31, 2006

The baby kangaroo

(Note: this post is about poker and/or Las Vegas, and is really just for somebody who would want to hear about it, but wouldn't frequent the site where it can be found.)

At this year's World Series of Poker, two professional poker players had an interesting bet. The loser of the bet would be the person who had the worst showing in the preliminary events leading up to the World Series of Poker main event. The winner would then decide what the winner would wear during the duration of the main event (which will be 11 days). The attire would be mostly superhero costumes.

The poker players? Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith. Joe and Gavin are also hosts of The Circuit, a radio show that can be heard live on Sirius Radio and through their website on And the winner is...Gavin Smith. Thus far, Joe Sebok has had to wear three costumes:

On the very first day, Sebok wore an old-school Robin costume.

On the second day, he wore a baby cub costume. (Sebok is known as the Cub.)

On the third day, he wore a Spider-man costume.

(Second and third day pictures are taken from Dr. Pauly's site - The Tao of Poker. If you have any interest in the professional poker scene, or even poker in general, you should be visiting there on a daily basis.)

But don't feel sorry for Joe - according to Norm, Sebok (or Sobek, as Norm refers to him as) and Shannon Elizabeth are an item.

(Aside on the Norm column: Somebody missed the ball on that one. First, the Sebok/Sobek mix up occurred, but I can accept that I guess since Sebok isn't a household name. But calling Tobey Maguire "Batman"? That's a horrible mistake that should have been caught by an editor if not Norm himself.)


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