Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It only seems like a marathon

I am a game show fan, as should be obvious by now. So you can imagine my happiness when I heard about Game Show Marathon.

The premise behind GSM is that 6 celebrities play in a tournament of "classic" game shows. The winner of each show moves on in the tournament. 6 gets narrowed to 4, which then gets narrowed to 2. Then the winner is crowned after a game of Family Feud.

First up was The Price is Right. And hooboy did this get annoying pretty quick.

First, the good:

- Lance Bass having a "Colege" shirt which matched some members of the audience was cute.
- The celebrities who were in the audience but did not get chosen was actually funny, especially Adam Carolla.
- Brande Roderick actually did her best in trying to act like an excited contestant.
- The games shown (Hole in One, Plinko and Race Game) were true to the original.

And, the bad:

- Paige Davis. As somebody who's a fan of Paige Davis, her antics on the show were incredibly annoying. She took the "pretend like you are a contestant" theme and just drove me (along with the rest of the viewing audience) insane. It's one thing to ask the audience what you should bid on. It's another to ask them where you should put your Plinko chip.
- Ricki Lake. She tried to be Bob Barker. She would have been better off trying to be Ricki Lake. This needs to improve, and fast.
- Kathy Najimy. I realize she broke her foot, but still, show some emotion, and show some knowledge of what the hell you are doing.

All in all, I will continue to watch. While the bad tended to out-weigh the good, I think this will improve as the show moves on. Also, the show is going to be playing a lot of games that I am interested in (Press Your Luck, Card Sharks and Match Game, for example). I'll watch the show just for the games.


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